Long Wait Times for Quick Service? Slow in the Afternoon? Problem Solved!

How many times will a customer wait for a two-hour oil change and MPI? Just Once…Frustrated customers have a choice. BLiNk AI gives you the tools you need to solve this problem.

Your Customers Are Using Convenience Technology Every Day.

Your service scheduler’s outdated technology is No Longer compatible with today’s customer expectations. BliNk’s AI enhanced service scheduler is where your customer’s expectations and online experience meet!

Remember the Customer and Serve Them Better!

BlinkAi connects to your DMS to recognize the customer and their vehicles for a Personalized and Frictionless experience!

Turn Walk-Ins Into Appointments!

Shorter wait times lead to happier customers, higher CSI, better online reviews, better shop flow and higher average RO$

BLiNk AI’s Scheduler Fills Your Shop All Day Long

The appointments in Grey were set by the dealership. The appointments in Blue were made by BLiNk AI. Truly filling the shop all day long. 80%of the afternoon appointments were made by BliNk AI. Eliminating long wait times in the morning and filling the shop in the afternoon

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