Welcome To The BLiNK AI Service Scheduler Demo!

In scheduling an actual service, our Scheduler uses the customer’s phone number to find their information in your DMS.  This demo is not connected to a DMS, but will give you the same experience that a new gues scheduling at your dealership will experience. 

Step 1

Enter your Phone Number, Name, and Email. Schedule a test appointment at “Modern Dealership.”

Step 2

Refresh your screen. The scheduler will remember you each time you return!

Step 3

Experience the BLiNK Phone scheduler. Call 512-686-2319, but before you finish making the appointment, hang up. You'll immediately receive a “missed call” text message.

Our follow-up text is only sent once every two weeks. We will not annoy your customers by sending the text repeatedly.

Step 4

Call back and complete the process of scheduling an appointment! Or, you can press 1 to check on the Status of Your Vehicle in Service.

The Web and Phone Schedulers are Customizable

Enter your phone number, name and email address and schedule a test appointment at “Modern Dealership”

These Work With Your Current Service Scheduler.

Your team will continue to use their existing systems! No training needed!

We Integrate with ALL Major DMS and Work With ALL Service Schedulers

We know that many OEMs require that you use a particular service scheduling system. That is no problem with BLiNk AI. We use AI to enhance your systems, not replace them.

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