Service Campaign Manager Tool Outperforms Everything Else On The Market. 

Our Guest Focused Service Trifecta Accounts for 55% of All Repair Orders

We meet your guests where they are and keep them returning to your dealership.

Service Campaign Manager is a comprehensive communication and engagement tool that handles everything from maintenance reminders to surveys and status updates. Our premium tool offers an all-encompassing approach to managing vehicle-related communications and outperforms everything else on the market. 

This all-encompassing text-based service ecosystem for vehicle management and communication reaches your guests in a way that is convenient for them and drives an average of $50,000 per month in service revenue for your dealership.

Delight guests, boost overall profit margins, and support the KPIs critical to your dealership with Service Campaign Manager.

Finally, Honest Marketing Attribution

We only count it as a conversion if the customer receives a text and makes their appointment using the BLiNK AI Scheduler.

We DO NOT count it as a conversion if the customer receives a text and chooses to walk in rather than schedule.  

We provide trackable RO's and provide progress in every monthly report.

Legal Text Marketing

We are compliant with the most stringent texting laws in the nation. Even Florida!

We immediately honor opt-outs and requests to be placed on the "Do Not Call" list. If your customer does not want to receive a text, we will not send one to them.

Because our text messages are timely and valuable, our opt-out rate is very low.