BLiNK’s AI Enhanced Phone System Automates 70% of Your Service Department Calls

Scheduling Service + Vehicle Status Check

Your Service Department Phones Get Overloaded.

Up to 38% of calls go unanswered, leading to long wait times, frustrated customers, and chaotic call centers. This is not the way to make a good first impression.

Scheduling frustration not only leads to your service drive being crowded with impatient customers but negatively impacts repair order dollars and CSI scores. Two critical dealership KPI's.

BLiNK AI’s intelligent phone automation solves this handling 70% of your total call volume and radically improving the guest experience.

BLiNK AI Provides a Personalized Experience

BliNK AI connects to your DMS and uses caller ID to recognize the guest and their vehicle. There is no awkward and tedious “AI conversation” to get the customer’s name or vehicle.

BLiNK AI’s Phone Scheduler Fills Your Shop All Day Long

The appointments in Gray were set by the dealership. The appointments in Blue were made by the BLiNK AI Service Scheduler.

By suggesting afternoon appointment times to your guests we are able to better manage the number of early morning walk-ins and evenly load your shop, all day long.

BLiNK's AI-driven phone scheduler is responsible for setting 80%of afternoon appointments eliminating long wait times in the morning and filling the shop in the afternoon.

We Even Help When a
Customer Hangs Up!

BLiNK AI recognizes when a guest attempts to make a service appointment but is unsuccessful.

We immediately follow up via text message with that guest and include a calendar link allowing them to set their service appointment quickly and easily.

Is My Car Ready?

National data shows that 45% of service department calls are intended to check on the status of a vehicle in service.

BLiNK AI handles this as well. We connect to your DMS and answer the customer’s question!

“Good news (first name), your (model) is ready for pickup. If you still need to speak to someone, press 1."

We cover touch-points critical to the overall guest experience.